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Medication Assistance

On average, seniors fill between 9 and 13 prescriptions every year. 15% of elderly hospitalizations are caused by adverse medication reactions that potentially could have been avoided. Pill organizers and labels may seem like a good safety precaution, but ultimately seniors who live at home by themselves have a higher risk of being hospitalized due to improperly taking their medicine. If you are concerned with ensuring your loved one is taking the right medicines at the right time, medication assistance is the service your senior needs. All of our Windsor home care aides help seniors safely manage their prescription to ease their stress and avoid health complications.

Each prescription includes a set of specific instructions, and when juggling more than one medication, seniors may have difficulty remembering what to take and when. The frustration of keeping track of medications could cause your loved one to stop taking their medication altogether. Our home care aides can give your loved one friendly reminders when it comes time to take their medicine. Certain medications may include specific instructions, such as needing to be taken with food. Not following these directions may cause serious symptoms and could potentially lead to a trip to the emergency room. Home care aides will provide seniors with consistent reminders regarding medications and included instructions.

If your loved one forgets to refill a vital prescription, even going a day without taking the medication can have detrimental effects. Along with reminders, our home care aides will pay attention to when a prescription needs to be refilled. Your loved one's health is priority, and staying ahead of prescription refills will ensure that they are being proactive when it comes to their health.

Making sure medications are taken correctly and prescriptions are filled on time can make all the difference in the health of a senior, and our Carolina home care solutions can help keep your loved one stay on track.