Young blonde female doctor writing at a table with two quality home care nurses in blue scrubs sitting on both sides of her.Physicians & Health Care Professionals

The world of health care is changing. The medical community is collaborating in new ways that are so beneficial to consumers. Quality Home Staffing can provide assistance, communication, education and quality healthcare at home for your patients with post-acute and chronic disease management needs.

Home care aides can help bridge a patient’s transition from hospital to home. Our aides can assist and motivate patients to be compliant in monitoring and managing their health status. These in home care services lead to reduced avoidable re-hospitalizations, an objective we all share. For a confidential referral or to get general information about our in home care services for seniors, email or call 800.700.0008

The state contracts out assessments for the Medicaid Personal Care Program. If you need to make a referral for that program, please use the following link for information on how to do that.