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Driving is a common everyday task that has the potential to become difficult in the life of your aging loved one. Traffic violations, car dents, running out of gas, losing car keys, and accidents are all signs that it may be time for a senior to stop driving. In America, seniors generally continue to drive 7 to 10 years past their ability to do so safely. Weakened muscles, arthritis, and poor health can limit seniors from being able to drive for extended periods of time. The Jacksonville home care providers at Quality Home Staffing will provide your loved one with transportation to ensure they have the freedom to travel as needed.

Most seniors rely on family members or friends as their main source of transportation. For some, family members are too busy and this is not an option. It is crucial for seniors to find access to transportation services, because being able to leave the house is an important aspect of a person’s independence. Our care aides will provide your senior with the transportation they need, so they can go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or attend any other weekly outings they may require.

Your loved one may currently use a form of public transportation, such as a bus or taxi, but these services may not be ideal when it comes to the care seniors need. These services have a fixed schedule, and planning in advance is required in order for your family member to leave the home. Quick trips to the grocery store and spontaneous trips to meet up with friends require more effort, and can leave seniors feeling helpless. At quality home staffing our services are reliable, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one can get where they need to be with ease. Our in home care services can attend to your loved one at a much higher level than taxis or buses. Care aides can assist your senior with leaving and entering the house, spend time conversing with your loved one, and take them wherever they need to go without having to stick to a specific route.